Atlantic Subsea, Inc. is a private company with head office in Bridgeport, New Jersey. We are a company of strong set of core values and exceptional employees. Our employees are committed, entrepreneurial professionals who are passionate about providing in-depth solutions to the marine industry. They understand that cooperation is crucial to achieving the best possible result. By being open and honest, they build mutual trust and respect.

Safety, sustainability and continuity go hand in hand in this respect. Atlantic Subsea takes interest in its value chain, which extends from suppliers to clients.

2020 Vision

Building exceptional people, trusting relationships and strong communities


It was the end of the Cold War and the World Wide Web was being introduced to the general public in America. The channel tunnel opens between England and France, and Nelson Mandela is inaugurated as the first black President of the South Africa. Most of us were characterized by flannel shirts, bleached jeans and boy bands. Cell phones were few. Alan Greenspan's phrase "irrational exuberance" described the economic climate within the USA.

In New Jersey a team of marine specialists led by Vinod Menezes started providing marine services to the utility industry. Their main focus and expertise was designing, repairing and rehabilitating intake structures. This was 1994.

The first client was Con Edison followed by PSEG, Duke Energy and PECO. They all owned intake structures for their power plants. These structures needed constant attention and maintenance. To handle this work, the team formed Atlantic Subsea. Soon there were contracts with the ports of New York and Philadelphia. To meet the demand, the company increased their marine vessels and took on larger and more challenging projects. Their reputation for safety, quality work, and honesty spread through their industry. Soon, Atlantic Subsea led the industry with its innovative methodologies, technology and rigs.

Today Atlantic Subsea remains a proven leader in the industry.

Our Mission

To provide honest, technically advanced, cost effective marine services to the customer without compromising quality.

Core Values

Our commitment to excellence has made us a leader in the marine field. The firm"s knowledge and experience in underwater and marine engineering are unsurpassed.

Our core values represent who we are. Without question they serve as a compass for our actions and standard of behavior by which we conduct business. These values are the heart, soul and character of ASI.

Safety: A defined work culture
Integrity: Be genuine
Honesty: True in heart and mind
Accountability: It is up to me
Innovation: Leverage collective genius
Excellence: Courage to do better

Our Winning Culture

Being creative and innovative:

We find creative and innovative ways of serving our customers and improving the business and to spread best practices throughout the company. We push boundaries today to create tomorrow's breakthroughs

Building strong relationships:

Strong relationships are built on trust, honesty and integrity. We listen and respond to the needs of customers, associates, communities and vendors treating them as partners.

Taking care of people:

The key to our success is treating people well. We do this by encouraging team members to speak up and take risks, by recognizing and rewarding good performance and by leading and developing people so they may grow.

Doing the right things and doing it right:

We exercise good judgment by Doing the right things and Doing things right. We strive to understand the impact of our decisions and we accept responsibility for our actions. We deliver on our promises through continuous improvement and safe and reliable operations.