Our safety vision defines us and sets us apart. We value the safety of our employees, subcontractors and those affected by our activities. Our commitment to safety is integrated into everything we do, as we believe safely delivering projects makes good business sense. This responsibility rests on everyone's shoulders - we all have to take accountability for ourselves, our co-workers, project partners and the public surrounding our jobsites. Each employee - regardless of job or location - has the responsibility to speak up when they see anything that causes a safety concern.


ASI was founded in 1994 and from its inception quality has been a cornerstone of the company. We designed our current Quality Program to be integral to operations from the field level up.

Our systematic quality-assurance program also was introduced in the early years of the business. This program is credited for the increase in quality the Company has observed across its broad services. By implementing a comprehensive quality-assurance program, we intend to continuously raise quality scores as we create a virtuous cycle of training, education and reinforcement of quality initiatives.

Social Responsibility

One of our main priorities is to give back to communities in which we live and work. We continue to leverage our social commitment through volunteerism, employee giving, and support of global and local non-profits.

We are also committed to acting in an environmentally responsible manner and recognize our opportunity to embed environmental practices within all our services. Our employees are committed to working internally in our offices and externally with communities to improve the environment.